April Fools: Best Pranks With Technology

Are you ready for the jokes coming on April Fool’s Day? No! Well, we got you covered! Tech pranks are so easy to pull especially in this day and age. Whether the prank is for a coworker, friend, or family member, these jokes are classic. Here are our top April Fools pranks involving technology you should try.

Blocking the Mouse Sensor

Need a simple office prank? You can try to block the mouse sensor with a post it! By doing this, the mouse will not work which will drive your coworker(s) crazy! This prank is perfect because no one looks under the mouse. Now, there are a couple of fun things you can write on the post it to make it even funnier. You can write a bunch of Ha’s all over the post it. You could also draw a funny image and write “problem?” Why not come up with something of your own to write!

Cracked Screen

Nothing’s funnier than seeing a family member or friend freak out because their device screen broke. I know I would! The simplest way is to download a cracked screen background or a cracked screen prank app. They should be available on both iOS and Android devices.Two of the best apps in the Google Play store are the Broken Screen Prank and Cracked Screen Prank. The best thing is… these apps are free!

Flip Screen Upside Down 

Now, if you are playing a prank on someone who is a computer neat freak, this is the prank to pull! Note: These directions are for Mac computers and laptops. With this prank, the screen on the person’s computer gets turned upside down! All you have to do is press the following keys at the same time, “Ctrl-Alt-Down Arrow”. That’s it! Simple right?

Change Phone App Icons

This is both a cute and hilarious prank for those who are addicted to their cell phone. With the app, iPhoneception, you can change the app icon images on someones phone into cats. Yes, that’s right! Cute, adorable cats! The only catch is that you have to have access to the phone to install the app on it.

Make Desktop Icons Disappear

This prank is great for people who LOVE having all their files on their desktop. With a simple toggle of the computer settings, you can make the desktop icons disappear like “Magic.”


  • Right-click on the desktop background
  • Click View
  • Uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”

To undo this prank, go through the same process but click “Show Desktop Icons.” Whoever you are pranking will totally freak out!!!


Want a fun trick that your friends will not expect? Try the iFool app. With this app, there are an endless amount of tricks to choose from. The app is free and compatible with iOS devices. To create a “trick”, you have to choose a background, action, and switch. A background is just an image that is on the screen. For example, it could be a pitch black screen looking like their phone is off. An action could be anything happening on the screen such as paint splatter, popping popcorn, or mysterious sounds playing. Lastly, a switch is something that tells the app to perform the actions. It could be a timer or moving the phone.

There are two ways you can do this prank. You can steal their phone and install the app and set up the trick. Otherwise, you can set it up on your phone and they are tricked when they borrow it from you.

With this amazing pranks, I hope you are starting your preparation for April 1st. You friends, family, and/or coworkers will either be laughing or hating you with these pranks. However, make sure you stay on your guard and don’t get pranked yourself!